“A Bit Small, But They’ll Do The Trick.” New York Women Draw And Describe Their Boobs.

Most of the time, female’s perceptions of their bodies are pretty much just one thing: FML.

If you’ve ever met a woman, you'll know that most have complicated relationships with their boobs. Actually -- most have a complicated relationships with their bodies in general. But boobs in particular can be a struggle, a different kind of battle alltogether. Too big, too small, never just right. 

The Cut polled 57 New York women, ages 17 to 72, and asked them to draw their boobs and write a bit to explain how they feel about them. The responses varied, with some being heartfelt quips about beating cancer, to many other women simply complaining about size (as expected.)

Some of the drawings were a bit out of the ordinary, and pretty hilarious, but you’ve got to appreciate the self confidence of the women who just kinda put it all out there.

See for yourself: Here’s 14 of our favorites.

All image credit: The Cut.

1. Well, thanks for the spoiler, the rest of woman-kind won't get their hopes up.

2. Save the ta-ta's!

3. Work with what you got.

4. Depending on mood.

5. Who else spent 10 minutes thinking about all the boobs they've seen after reading this one?

6. Hoorah for all the diverse boobs!

7. Big boob problems.

8. Great description.


10. Truuuuuuee

11. Good question. The drawing says it all (and, raises a few questions.)

12. At least she was honest! 

13. We like where your head's at.

14. There's nothing better.


By Nadine / Friday 2 March 2018 14:46 / France
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