6 Strangers Become BFFs After One Guy Books Dates with All of Them at the Same Time (The Twitter Thread is Amazing)

“Dating in 2017 is messy.” That’s almost an understatement coming from Jess, one of the six girls who showed up to a date with scumbag of the year, “Justin” from DC. If that sounds like an FML for the girls, don’t worry. They ended up with the last laugh. But, Justin…he’ll go down in the FML Hall of Shame.

For most people, Monday nights are pretty chill, right? Not for everyone, apparently. Take Justin for example. Rather than stay at home and not act like a slimy asshole, he books 6 dates in one night and doesn’t tell a single one of the girls!

Thankfully, Date #1, Lisette Pylant, was active on Twitter to capture the entire night in real time. Buckle up, guys, because this story is a roller coaster.

But it’s not the end!

Let’s recap: the three girls have just left Justin with the tab at the bar, the Truxton Inn, and have headed to a new bar to unwind after the crazy night they’ve had. 

Here they are becoming BFFs:

Thankfully, Lisette was friends with the bartenders, who were quick to intercept when Date #4 showed up.


And just like that, one more for the team.

But they just keep coming.

But she shows up and…

Lisette just happens to be outside when Justin is leaving #5 and this goes down:

So date #5 has officially joined the other girls at the bar, but when they decide to go back to the original bar, there he is. With date #6…who was with her mom and her aunt. The crew has now grown by three!

Yeah, that’s right. Bye Justin. In text messages to Lisette, he tried to explain that he wasn’t on “dates,” per se…

“Preliminary conversations?” BOY BYE.

Moral of the story:

And if you happen to be roaming the streets, or Tindering in the DC area, watch out for this man, public enemy #1.

By Nina / Friday 11 August 2017 17:26 / France
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By  yeongji  |  31

I can imagine all the guys from DC with the name Justin hating on him right now. I sure hope he never discovers he was exposed online or else he will change his name and pull another stunt.

I don't understand what he did wrong. There's nothing wrong with booking multiple dates if he's not already in a committed relationship, and he obviously didn't plan on screwing 6 girls that night as he booked them all 45 min apart. To clarify, I'm a female, and I married my 2nd bf that I've been with for 19 years, so I have a different mindset than this dude. Whether he was looking for his future wife or not, I don't see him as a jerk.