26 Absolutely Frightening Christmas Cards From People Who Are Single For The Holidays

Being single isn’t necessarily an FML. Christmas cards are a great way to show your friends and family that you’re doing great, or at least managing to get by, on your own. Take an example from these people!

Being single is great, but it can be a bit problematic around the holidays, when everyone around you is snuggling up to their significant other and nosey relatives are asking why you’re still single. You might begin to feel like others pity you. But don’t let them!

Making your own Christmas card during the holidays is a great way to say “fuck you, I’m fine” to the haters, or at least show that you’ve got a good humor about being single. If you need help, these folks can show you how.

1. This white-hot holiday swerve.

2. Pets are a classic for singles' cards, but ths guy's animals are particularly interesting.

3. Highly saturated photos add color to your face to make you look like you're doing well!

4. Face swapping with your beloved is a classic.

5. Someone's feeling cocky.

6. Doing fine after thre divorce.

7. Just a man and his cat.

8. Just a girl and her pup.

9. Fireside blazing bright.

10. "I am my own family"

11. When you're the only single one in the family.

12. I'm not crazy, what are you talking about?

13. Forever alone.

14. I do have a girlfriend, see!

15. Owning it.

16. When you don't even have a pet to pose with. A live one, at least.

17. And unto us, a king was born.

18. Bleppin through Christmas.

19. Back at it.

20. I can have fun all by myself.

21. This is a PSA.

22. Who needs a girlfriend when you've got man's best friend?

23. Just Amy.

24. Away in a manger.

25. Suited up.

26. Have you ever seen anything so majestic?


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