25 Hilarious Epitaphs From People Who Had Great Senses of Humor, Even in the Face of Death

If you go creeping around graveyards this Halloween, be on the lookout for funny tombstones like these, because even though dying may be an FML (literally), it doesn’t have to be sad!

What you have written on your tombstone will be part of how you are remembered throughout time, so why make it depressing? It’s difficult to face the fact that we’ll all die one day, so it’s pretty remarkable when you’re able to have a sense of humor about it, like these people.

Their epitaphs are giving a not-so-spooky Halloween treat to give you a smile on your break from the scariest day of the year!

1. I mean, I figured as much.

2. I would hope not!

3. Your spite shall not be forgotten.

4. This one got me in the feels.

5. A funny atheist's grave.

6. Going down in history as a badass.

7. Looks like I'm making fudge tonight!

8. A big stone and also maybe that lady?

9. The voice of Bugs Bunny's grave.

10. In on the ultimate secret.

11. Funny in life, funny in the afterlife.

12. And you didn't listen!

13. Whoops!

14. I'm sorry, whose family is this?

15. Hint: it's an acrostic.

16. A woman who loved making calls.

17. Ouch, that hurts!

18. And don't you forget it.


19. Republicans, stay away.

20. Impressive, huh?

21. Killer puns.

22. 'Twas fate.

23. And that's all that really matters.

24. Thanks, buddy.


25. Gabe salutes you.


By Nina / Tuesday 31 October 2017 12:22 / France
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Top comments
By  Neevster  |  18

For number 17 ("if you are reading this, you are standing on my boobs"), the text appears to be edited on, because it moves off the stone and into the grass

  Asaroth  |  9

I thought that, too, but it's actually a super shiny headstone. It's written facing the sky, so if you read it, you have to stand up on the actual grave. It took Mr a minute to realize that. Go back and look again.

  Neevster  |  18

To everyone explaining: Thanks, that makes sense

To the person who said "retard": :(

To the person who said "go home, you're drunk": I wish I was