24 Times Product Labels Had A Surprisingly Great Sense of Humor

There’s nothing that gains brand loyalty quite as much as a brand with a sense of humor. Take these brands for example, that decided to show off their comedy chops on their product labels. Extra points if they call you out for reading the label in the first place. Seriously, who does that anyway?

1. Words to live by.

2. Not trying to pull a 'Somthing About Mary'

3. Impressive enough to add to your resume.

4. Seriously, dude. 

5. You know you're gonna do it anyway.

6. It's become self-aware.

7. Why the symbol is ghost, who knows?

8. You're just making a fool of yourself, man.

9. The commandments of washing.

10. Sarcastic bottle wins.

11. How did you know?

12. This barcode for tomato sauce is spaghetti!

13. Shame on you for ever even considering it!

14. Paying for the cuteness...even though I thought that dog was a pig.

15. Don't let the stench monsters win!

16. Damn, I always forget that step.

17. Be careful not to mix these up.

18. And they're all probably out of your league.

19. It's never a bad time to think about eating healthy!

20. Don't you dare distrespect.

21. Oh boy, I definitely want to buy this now...

22. Waste not!

23. I really wanted to look like Kurt Cobain, but my mum said no.

24. Some labels just say "Not for internal use" but to each their own.

By Nina / Tuesday 9 January 2018 17:06 / France
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  Callyn  |  47

It's almost certainly a fleshlight (male masturbatory toy). You're only coming up with unmentionable ideas because the product is unmentionable.