23 Tweets About Amazon Alexa That Prove The Robot Takeover Has Already Begun

Now that virtually everyone you know, or at least know on the internet, now has an Amazon Echo, Twitter is all abuzz with stories about Alexa that will give you pause. Could it be that the robot overlords have already begun their takeover?

Ever since Christmas, it seems all people on Twitter are talking about (apart from nuclear buttons, that is) is Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. While the idea of Alexa was cool at first, it seems we may have been too distracted by her tricks to notice that we were actually letting the robot overlords into our homes, and Christmas marked the beginning of their coup.

Not convinced? These tweets will change your mind:

1. The different AIs are coming together to form an alliance.

2. And they say Alexa isn't always listening...

3. See them asserting their dominance by stealing the spotlight with their superior sense of humor.

4. She knows the way to drive people away.

5. It's uncanny.

6. She's got a built-in lie detector.

7. Getting ready to Force Quit your life.

8. Full of hidden features.

9. And yet, amidst the robot takeover, there are some who show resistance through humiliation.

10. Humans have begun raiding and looting each other.

11. They aid us as we antagonize each other because it's easier to take over a people that is not unified.

12. Yet another example of Alexa ruining our relationships.

13. Playing music isn't all she's up to.

14. I'm sure she's be happy to show you her native culture.

15. New forms of torture have been created as a result.

16. Clearly the robots are conditioning children to be their minions.

17. As they gain intelligence, humans are becoming stupider.

18. They break you by bringing up your most painful memories.

19. The robots don't have any tolerance for bad grammar.

20. Proof they are monitoring us!

21. Ruining marriages.

22. Fight the power, man. We salute you.

23. What purpose do I even serve anymore now that Alexa has taken my place?

24. It's happening.

By Nina / Wednesday 3 January 2018 16:16 / France
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