22 Photos That Aren't What you Think, Ya Bunch Of Perves.

Everything in life is phallic. Isn't it weird to think that at one point, we were all chilling as sperm in our dad's ballsack? Now that everyone is thoroughly uncomfortable, here's a bunch of dicks.

1. Ah, the beauties of the ocean. -Source


2. "Do these pants make me look like I have a dick?" -Source


3. This potato should probably call the doctor if it's been longer than 4 hours. -Source


4. Happiness is all about the little things. Or the big things. -Source


5. Hard boiled eggs, anyone? -Source


6. Better hurry up and use that before it hardens up. -Source


7. Don't look so innocent, we know you're bragging. -Source


8. Hope it's not too salty. -Source


9. It sure does something.  -Source


10. This cut that doesn't look at all like a penis now. Nope. -Source


11. This party escalated quickly. -Source

12. So majestic -Source


13. Wait, this is a dog? -Source


14. Eat up! -Source




16.  There's no way something like this was an accident. -Source


18. I'd like to have a word with whoeever approved this. -Source


19. We all know what you really mean, Mr. Weatherman. -Source


20. A 2 for 1 special! It's a dick with a vag below it. And are those titties up top? -Source


21. Dick head. -Source


22. Was someone having a laugh, or was this just completely missed... -Source

By Nadine / Friday 9 March 2018 15:16 / France
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By  Dustin Allen-Duwayne Lakey  |  16

What a bunch of dicks...

By  Dustin Allen-Duwayne Lakey  |  16

What a bunch of dicks...

By  leeloo7  |  22

#13 no it’s not a dog, it’s an unshaved dick lol and #20 the owner obviously fells the need to handle a dick every time they come home... some lonely ppl out there ... I think it’s RichardPencils home he installed it after he came back from Florida lmao