20 Weirdly Specific Things That, Believe It Or Not, Actually Exist

The internet is a weird and wonderful place, where sometimes you can come across things that are so niche, it’s hard to imagine anyone would invent them, let alone buy them. And yet, here we are.

The subreddit r/ofcoursethatsathing is where you can find some of the world’s most ridiculously specific things. From services, to products and tools, to bizarre activities, you can guarantee someone’s already thought of it.

Sometimes they’re weirdly ingenious and useful. Other times they have literally no purpose whatsoever. it's usually the latter, but the fact that they exist is always funny.

Having a hard time imagining what that means? Have a look at these and I think you’ll get start to understand.

1. For people in denial. 

2. For the McFlurry addicts out there.

3. For people in unhealthy relationships. 

4. For people who want to show off how rich they are. 

5. For the dedicated neckbeard.

6. For people who think diapers are shorts. 

7. For meme-obsessed pre-teens who aren’t good at actual sports. 

8. For people who think the king of Queens is the best suited for 'House of Cards.'

9. For the cat lady that's tired of getting drunk alone.

10. For farmers that need to keep track of their files. 

11. For the chicken crossing the road. 

12. For the wake and bakers. 

13. For extreme double dipping.

14. For Americans, obviously. 

15. For people who didn't choose the gym life, the gym life chose them. 


16. For frequent flyers. 

17. For true believers.

18. For people with fragile masculinity. 

19. For literally Satan. 

20. For people who want to watch the world burn. 

By Nina / Friday 10 November 2017 17:15 / France
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