20 Jokes That Will Make People With A Self-Deprecating Sense of Humor Cry (While Laughing)

For some people, being the butt of the joke is a way to cope with the FMLs that plague their lives. And since that’s our thing, here are some tweets, memes, and jokes that other people with a similar humour will die laughing at (or at least want to die laughing at).

1. It's a real shitshow.

2. Beginner level, please.

3. Nah, I'm good.

4. Take THAT!

5. The poor thing.

6. Damn it, mom.

7. If only, if only.

8. Everytime I leave the house...

9. Surprise!

10. Chocolate chip roulette.

11. Well fuck you too.

12. That would be great, thanks.

13. Those school dances sure took a lot of crack to get rid of.

14. You heard me.

15. A cruel twist of fate.

16. Watch out, I'm coming in hot.

17. Don't ever say I don't try.

18. Wow. Adding insult to injury.

19. Why do you ask?

20. More effective than the pill.

By Nina / Tuesday 2 January 2018 15:29 / France
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