18 Times People's Stupidity Got The Best Of Them

Like FMLs, but illustrated.

Everyone has had one of these moments; the type of moment where you embarrass yourself by doing something utterly ridiculous. Without these types of people having these types of fails, sites like FML would cease to exist. So this one goes out to all the failures. Keep your head up and know that at th very least, you're making one internet community very happy. Bored Panda came up with the list of fails, and we picked out the 18 best. Enjoy.

1. "Parking On The Ice"

2. "Looks About Right"

3. "And You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day"

4. "Trump Watching The Solar Eclipse"

5. "That’s Not How Cereal Bars Work"

6. "How To Open Wine Without A Wine Bottle Opener"

7. “I Think I’ll Put My Television On This Decorative, Non-Structural Mantel”

8. "I Don’t Think They Thought This One Through"

9. This guy said "not today," and he meant it.

10. "Driving Across The Frozen Lake"

11. "I’m Actually A Little Bit Impressed"

12. "My Company Wanted To Make Our Fountain Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness. Didn’t… Quite Get It Right"

13. "Saw These Girls At Ikea. What Were They Thinking?"

14. "UPS Delivery Guy F**k Up"

15. "Stupid Orange Cones Getting In My Way"

16. "He Was Told That We Are Getting Our First Snow Fall… He Laughed And Said No We Are Not"

17. "Hospital I’m At Is Putting Cookies On The Patient Trays For Halloween. I Don’t Think They Thought This Through"

18. "I Was Just Absentmindedly Running My Pen Over My Jeans While Talking To My Teacher And I Didn’t Realise It Was Open"

By Nadine / Monday 30 April 2018 16:49 /
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