18 Perfectly Timed Photos That Capture The Moments Right Before Complete And Utter Disaster

Photographs are a great way to capture precious memories with friends and family that will last forever. They are also a great way to capture priceless FMLs that your family and friends will wish everyone would just forget.

1. It's just a little bump.

2. Strangely beautiful.

3. Happy birthday to the ground.

4. Another example of smartphones making people dumber.

5. Making waves.

6. Man down!

7. This is why you always wear a helmet.

8. Look, ma! No hands and no feet!

9. Less relaxing than a hammock ought to be.

10. Mom of the year goes to...

11. Feeding the pigeons was a big mistake.

12. Pow! Right in the kisser.

13. A bridal shower of sorts.

14. What are friends for?

15. At least it didn't get on their shirts.

16. OWWWW!

17. That hit was jaw-some.

18. Doing what big sisters do best: droping the little ones.

By Nina / Tuesday 12 December 2017 16:41 / France
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