18 Of The Funniest Tweets From This Week To Hopefully Defrost Your Souls

It's a terrible world where terrible things happen. Will we ever escape the icy tundra commonly referred to as winter? Will our bodies thaw out, will we see the sun and experience joy again? And not to sound dramatic or anything, but it's clear that the only salvation we have is the internet -- and more specifically Twitter, where all these emotions can be turned into 280 characters of pure hilarity. Every week there are new ones to look forward to, and we've compiled the best of them right here into a list for you. Enjoy!

1. Good question honestly who comes up with these things?

2. Seems like the logical assumption to make.

3.Oh shit no one tell PETA or this toddler is going to jail.

4....They got me. I was hooked.

5. This must be real love.

6. Anyone have a tissue because we're crying from laughter over here.

7. Damn millenials!

8. True story.

9. She has spoken, and she has spoken correctly.

10. Let all us garbage brethren unite.

11. Gru???

12. Wait, scratch that other tweet. THIS has gotta be love.

13. You know we gotta throw in at least one of these every week!

14. Hello 911 yes I'd like to report a break in.

15.This week's Most Relatable Tweet™

16. Think before you tweet, friends.

By Nadine / Friday 2 March 2018 16:16 /
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