18 FMLs About Being Bald to Celebrate National 'Be Bald and Be Free' Day!

By Nina / dimanche 15 octobre 2017 12:30
Today we’re paying homage to the chrome dome, the naked crown, the cue ball, in short: bald heads. Maybe going bald sucks, but being bald can be pretty nifty...well, unless you’re one of these guys, for whom being bald turned into an FML.

1. Looks like it's up-dos and hats for the next few months.

2. Girls like older guys. Maybe you're mature look with help.

3. If not, he'll be the trendsetter for his class.

4. Stumbling with your feet and your words.

5. Bet it was a good laugh.

By Anonymous - / Friday 1 April 2016 21:06 / United States - Los Angeles

6. Children could give a shit about your personal problems.

7. Or could it have been the hash-slinger slasher?!

8. Better off without hair. (heh)

9. Interesting look.

10. If you shave your chest hair, maybe you'll feel like like you're balding.

By Hairy_Potter - / Thursday 23 January 2014 17:13 / Brazil - S?o Paulo

11. Sometimes it's best not to tell someone who you think their celebrity doppelganger is.

12. Nope, they definitely do not.

13. Your boyfriend is playing with toy helicopters?

By honey soy / Sunday 29 January 2012 06:31 / Australia

14. What was once a compliment ended up being the ultimate burn.


15. Where, oh, where could this have come from?

16. At least there was water readily accessile to put out the fire!

17. I'm sure this comes with the territory.

18. You must have been the shining star of the night!

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