17 Tweets That Are Funny And Relatable To Take Your Mind Off The Three Long Days Ahead Before Thanksgiving

And if you weren’t thinking about it before, sorry for reminding you. But before you nosedive into the FML-iest day of the week, have one last laugh, courtesy of Twitter!

We at FML spend so much time reading through all the submissions to sort out trash from treasure that we get bummed before too long. That’s why we take the occasional Twitter breaks to pick us back up.

Here are some of our favorite Tweets from the week that made us laugh!

1. He wants your man.

2. I'd see it.

3. Watch out for this one.

4. I took it too far, I know.

5. Identity issues.

6. something to look forward to.

7. Nope, sorry, too much to ask for.

8. I wish I could take you all home!

9. heaven*

10. here we are.

11. Public display of savagery.

12. Let me get some of that knowledge.

13. Which of these extremes are you?

14. Something's off.

15. Thanks for helping...


17. Who is really the abominable ho man?

By Nina / Wednesday 15 November 2017 16:59 /
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