17 Tweets From This Week To Laugh At While Ignoring Any Responsibilities You May Have

It’s January. January is a rough month. Rather than thinking about all the stuff that you have to do and all the stuff you wish you were doing, just think about these tweets. These tweets are good. These tweets are funny. These tweets are FML-approved.

1. You're no Bella Swan.

2. Didn't you mother teach you it's rude to stare?

3. Stop expecting things from me.

4. Why I can't take a good picture.

5. Pretty please?

6. And I thought you cared...

7. Stop playing me.

8. Nah, man, this ain't Animal Planet.

9. Dad joke incoming.

10. Finally something from high school that actually came in handy in the real world.

11. Hug me brothaaa!

12. So, you know, there's that.

13. Don't get wise with me, child.

14. Modern day philosophers.

15. It's all a lie!

16. "omg yes that's totally what this tastes like!"

17. Sexism at its finest.

By Nina / Thursday 11 January 2018 17:23 /
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