17 FMLs About People Whose Puppies Had Them in Over Their Heads

Today, FML has got puppies on the brain. Why? Well because it’s National Puppy Mill Awareness Day and Responsible Dog Ownership Day! To celebrate, here are a bunch of people who are NOT responsible puppy owners.

If you love little puppers like we do, then you should care about this holiday.

Since it’s National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, why not rescue a puppy from a puppy mill! If you are in no state to care for a puppy right now, absolutely do not rescue a puppy from a puppy mill. That way, you’re honoring Responsible Dog Ownership Day! You see, there is really no way to fail at this holiday.

It is, however, very possible to fail at being a puppy owner. Many people don’t realize how much work it takes to train and housebreak a puppy, or they underestimate how much energy a puppy has.

These people learned the hard way…

1. Here's a perfect example of a guy who has more puppy than he can handle.


2. That's just how much he likes your face. He's claimed you!

3. But why are your children playing with slime?

4. I bet your puppy loved that game!

5. The little ones are mischievous.

6. Call it art.

7. I, too, throw up everywhere when I get too excited. 

8. Your brother is shaping up to be heartless.

9. "Smeared spaghetti"

10. At least she's trying to learn.

11. She wants to keep them warm for you! That's sweet.

12. He was warned.

13. You've got a smart cookie there, eh?

14. It's a good thing puppies are so cute.

15. Well I bet you wouldn't like that either!

16. I'm sorry, $200?!

17. It does look like a chew toy...

My advice: consider your situation and prepare before you take on a new best friend. Do it for the puppies!

By Nina / Wednesday 13 September 2017 18:11 / France
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