16 Tweets To Celebrate Getting Through The First Week Of The 2018

People on Twitter are welcoming the new year with more optimism than anyone could have anticipated after 2017, and with a sense of humor at that. Well, most people. It’s Twitter after all. What would it be without some good-old fashion self-deprecation? Either way, laugh your way into week 2 with the best tweets of the week!

1. Our favorite kind of ending. 

2. One can only hope.

3. Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

4. Don't act like you don't know.

5. Perspective.

6. Yeah, I didn't forget.

7. Overthinking is just a form of being thorough.

8. And now it's your turn.

9. What a time that was.

10. Solid advice.

11. This isn't creepy at all, Facebook...

12. You know what else?

13. Head for the hotel.

14. Wrong. Fresh fried chicken in the whip is the dream.

15. He's really such an innovator.

16. Stuntin' on haters in that shared bedroom with four flatmates for $2k. Cha-ching, bitches.

By Nina / Thursday 4 January 2018 17:14 / France
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