15 Umbrella FMLs for National Umbrella Day

By Nadine / samedi 10 février 2018 10:00
There’s a day for everything, and for everything there is an appropriate FML. We know what you're thinking: how much could possibly go wrong with an umbrella? Oh, so, so much, and we will gladly share them with you.

1. Should have saved the money.


2. Seems like somebody should do something about this...

By normal / Monday 21 January 2013 20:24 / France - Ambres

3. That's how these things work, right?

4. Ouch.

By Anonymous / Saturday 14 July 2012 14:43 / Japan - Tokyo

5. You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay-ay.

6. Alright Nana, let's get you back to bed.

7. Where the hell does this person live?

8. Surprise!

By lollymay13 - / Tuesday 11 October 2011 15:22 / Ireland

9. This is why old people always tell you to slow down.

10. That's not the kind of downpour an umbrella is meant for. 

11. Well, you work with what you've got.

12. Why is this being used as a weapon so often???

13. A spoon full of sugar makes the stitches stay in!

By Anonymous / Saturday 30 May 2009 03:04 / United States

14. But was the umbrella OK?


By Littlethings1 - / Thursday 31 March 2016 17:07 / United States - Tallahassee
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