15 Sucky Vacuum Related FMLs For National Create A Vacuum Day

By Nadine / dimanche 4 février 2018 10:00
Although there aren’t many FMLs about the actual act of creating a vacuum, it’s unsurprising to find an overabundance of vacuum-related FMLs. From accidents to self pleasure to injuries to just plain weird moments, It was hard to narrow it down to just a few. But here they are, the 15 best vacuum-related incidents that ruined people's days.

1. A viable excuse never to do chores again

2.  This vacuum got to third base.

By funnyERstory - / Wednesday 23 November 2016 04:31 / United States - Houston

3. Surprise!

4. So that's what that smell was.

By thatsucks - / Sunday 28 February 2016 20:49 / United States - Seattle

5. Love can make you do crazy things.

6. Technically, this is still a surprise.

By fire starter / Sunday 16 August 2015 04:10 / United States - San Francisco

7. Thanks for cleaning and enjoy the couch tonight.

8. On the bright side, the room was spotless.

9. Not again...

10. He was a good hamster and he lived a good long life. 

11.  D.A.R.E to resist drugs and violence and vacuums.

12. What a sucky guy.

By tkrause / Monday 1 April 2013 17:17 / Canada - Nelson

13. Fancy smelling you here.

14. An excellent start to the day.

15. The classic sitcom blunder.

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