15 Funny Tweets To See You Out Of This Seemingly Endless Month

It’s cold, it’s dark. Going out feels like a sisyphean task that you’d rather avoid because, let’s face it, your bed is warm and cozy and you’ve convinced yourself that winter is for hibernation so it’s okay to stay inside. While you’re at it, why not read these tweets? Nothing like laughter to warm you up!

1. When you just haven't found the one yet.

2. That's some superhuman strength.  

3. When the front door closes, the pants come off. 

4. Come on it, I'm open.

5. Thanks for tuning in.

6. He who said the rhyme did the crime. 

7. What are you, a monster?!

8. The timing is right. 

9. This time we're gonna get funky.

10. Conditions are still frigid. 

11. *smiles slyly to self*

12. What a work of art! 

13. Would you watch it?

14. Never again.

15. And that shit stopped your breathing.

By Nina / Friday 26 January 2018 12:41 /
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