15 Funny Tweets From This Week To See You Out Of The Cesspool That Was 2017

It’s been a tough year. We at FML couldn’t have gotten through it without our daily Twitter breaks to lighten the mood. So before 2018 starts, have one last laugh, courtesy of Twitter.

1. How to piss off your great aunt Meredith.

2. Party's this way, Daisy.

3. You're doing great, sweetie.

4. Schoolyard astrology.

5. How many fish are you displacing?

6. Long live the high waist!

7. Time is but an illusion.

8. Well deserved too.

9. Priorities.

10. Ba dum tss

11. Today is where your book begins.

12. But did you use it correctly?

13. You can buy that by the tank.

14. SOML.

15. Not much has changed.

By Nina / Friday 29 December 2017 11:56 /
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