15 FMLs About Shaving In Honor of No-Shave-November

By Nina / dimanche 5 novembre 2017 12:00
No-Shave-November is officially a non-profit dedicated to growing cancer awareness by fundraising money while no shaving for an entire month. Unofficially, it’s a great excuse to stop wasting time self-grooming for an entire month and also a wonderful topic of FMLs!

1. Not shaving for no-shave-November will help you reach breakthroughs in your relationship!

By Anonymous - / Sunday 16 November 2014 01:22 / United States - Mexico

2. Save your balls, don't shave!


Today, I realised that it is, in fact, not a great idea to put aftershave on your freshly shaven balls. Whenever I move it feels like Satan himself puts my genitals into a fiery pit of needles. FML

By Sonofaquiche - / Friday 27 October 2017 05:00 / Germany - Schweinfurt

3. Stop shaving so that no one accidentally thinks you've got an STD.

4. Try to avoid a written record.

By poorbeauty / Friday 10 June 2016 22:32 / Canada - Toronto

5. Body hair required Mon-Fri.

6. If you don't shave you'll never have to look your partner's pooper in the eye.

7. Spare yourself the disgrace of granny by just letting it all grow out.

8. Though, sometimes shaving might be a good idea...

By Anonymous / Sunday 28 July 2013 04:59 / United States

9. Spoiler alert: it's not.

10. You gotta be more specific.

11. Humblebrag, much?

12. Drunk you likes to live dangerously.

By Darwin_Award_Winner - / Thursday 7 June 2012 12:10 / United States - Beaumont

13. Naked ding-dongs aren't for everyone. 

14. Lifehack alert.

By jake - / Wednesday 29 February 2012 14:49 / United States

15. Here comes the lawnmower!

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