15 FMLs About Chocolate, God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind

Today is National Chocolate Day, so it’s totally cool if you wanna get your woo-girl on. A day like this merits a nice, hearty “woo.” It also merits a compilation of FMLs and all the times it’s done us dirty.

Once a year, we pay homage to the most wonderful treat of all on the highest of holy days, National Chocolate Day. Today, we honor the delicious cocoa-y candy you can find in literally every corner of the world.

Eat it as a candy bar, as a hot drink, a cold drink, in cake form, in cupcake form, as a nice coating for your favorite candy, in literally any shape. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate. Chocolate cereal! Cocoa Krispies, Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Pebbles. Chocolate chip cookies! Chocolate chip everything! Dip it in chocolate. Make it double chocolate. Make it fudge. Fudge brownies!

I digress.

Anyway, here are some FMLs about the brown gold itself and all the times we just wouldn’t handle how great it is.

1. Excuse me, lady, don't you mean "thank you?"


3. Just tasting it to make sure it's not poisonous. I know how much you have it in for grams. 

4. Lifehack: how to save money on air fresheners by becoming your own air freshener.

5. No biting!

6. Looks like someone else needs a talking to.

7. At least it tasted good. 

8. Her milkshake brings all the stains to the cars.

9. I sure hope it wasn't open. 


10. There shall be no slob on this knob.

11. Parenting genius.

12. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

13. Oh, you shouldn't have. You really shouldn't have.

14. Was it worth it, cookie monster?


15. Chocolate isn't the answer to everything.

By Nina / Friday 20 October 2017 17:07 / France
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