15 FMLs About Being Single That Hit Way Too Close To Home For All The Singletons Out There

For National Single’s Day, we dug through our archive to find the FMLs that best capture the slings and arrows of being single. For those of you that are single, take a look and know you’re not alone. For everyone else, aren’t you glad you’re past this?

Sometime being single is fun. You can go out without feeling attached to anybody, hit on strangers (politely, I hope), and binge-drinking is acceptable. It’s a treat-yo-self kind of lifestyle and it’s great! Until it isn’t.

The excitement of being single soon fades into sheer misery. And that progression becomes quicker and quicker the older you get. Then there are certain events that you begin to dread when you’re single: holidays, birthdays, weddings.

For those of you who know the feeling, these FMLs are dedicated to you.


1. The spite of the singleton.

2. How dare he take back Netflix! How am I supposed to mourn, if not by binge-watching all of House of Cards?!

3. At least we have our cats to remind us that not one, not even they, care about us.

4. California here we come, right back where we started from. Californiaaaaaa

5. Oh god, single around the holidays. the horror.

6. Beggars can’t be choosers, but it’s a whole new low when the person hitting on you is also a beggar, literally.

7. Apparently there’s a sign on my forehead.

8. Never trust a blind date. Or a brother.

9. The longer you’re single, the more likely you are to get matched up with a nutjob.

10. When your own mother gives up hope for you, you’re doomed.

11. Who needs a man when you can get the important stuff done yourself? Catch my vibe?


12. Oh is that what sex sounds like? I’d forgotten after all this time…

13. Adding insult to injury.


14. I guess that makes you the winner!

15. As if being at a wedding wasn’t enough of a reminder itself.

By Nina / Friday 22 September 2017 16:28 /
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