15 FMLs about Bacon for International Bacon Day! Yay!

As it's International Bacon Day, we must honor of this glorious, greasy day with 15 FMLs about bacon!

1. Grease me up, baby!

2. What a delicious pork belly.

3. Who's the bitch now?

4. Is my honesty not enough for you?

5. Those poor dogs have been eating counterfeit bacon?

6. He's not the brightest, but he'll go to great lengths for what he loves.


8. It smells amazing because it smells like bacon.

9. Your boyfriend is a groundbreaker.

10. That's hot. Sizzling hot.

11. The love of bacon transcends species.

12. He's got his priorities in order.

13. Poor pup didn't even get to taste the bacon-y goodness.

14. A genius indeed.

15. Hot for hog. 

By Nina / Thursday 14 December 2017 14:20 /
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