15 Boozy FMLs for National Drink Wine Day

By Nadine / dimanche 18 février 2018 10:00
For winos, it’s the best day of the year! For some, it's just your average Tuesday. One can imagine all the FMLs that could possibly happen when wine is involved, as it is the most famously stained alcoholic beverage. Everyone has a story… here are 15 of the funniest.

1. Those will be some expensive dumps. 

2. ....But did they bring you back any wine though...?

3. Sounds like she either needs a stronger drink or a divorce.

4. What a waste of wine.

5. OP should have gotten on her level.

6. This FML had such a jarring plot twist.

7. Wine never made anyone that happy. 

8. He's too old for this shit. 

9. That's one way to handle the issue.


10. No one likes a sad drunk, so you two were made for each other.

11. Maybe he needed a drinking buddy?

By This Is My Life - / Saturday 1 July 2017 02:00 /

12. It was just the end of the night for her!

13. Sounds like you did meet your soulmate, though.

14. Takeaway Anonymous.

By Tyr88 - / Sunday 5 March 2017 02:00 / Australia - Blakehurst

15. That's where she went wrong. She should have chosen FML. 

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