14 FMLs That Are Like, OK I Guess For National Blasé Day

Today is for you, the perpetually unimpressed. Whip out your best scoff and blow off the rest of the day because national blasé day is a celebration of all things “meh.” I dare you to be blasé about these FMLs, though, because while they all come from our archives, they’re still funny every time.

For those of you who don’t know, or who’ve only ever pretended to know, here is the definition of “blasé”:

blasé (adj): apathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment

Here at FML we’ve seen all kinds of submissions, from the weird to the wonderful (but mostly weird), so we’re desensitized to pretty much everything. Often, when you’re that apathetic, you can come off as an antisocial stick in the mud, which is lame, but like, whatever [notice the blasé attitude].

The good news is that on national blasé day, you’re allowed to be blasé about anything you want, and when people point out how self-important or snobbish you might be acting, you can politely inform them that today it’s totally permissible because it’s #BlaséDay.

For the special occasion, we’ve gathered a whole cornucopia of FMLs about people’s blasé attitudes to give you some ideas of what to be blasé about today.

1. Job applicants, what a bore.

2. Bizarre forest insects, not impressed.

3. Guys who come quickly, *yawn*.

4. hearing other people have sex, over it.

5. Nutella, so passé.

6. Vaginas, been there, done that.

7. Death, *shrug*.

8. Marriage, nothing special.

9. Whispering the names of bodily fluids in strangers ears, whatevs.

10. Fully-developed, adult penises, *scoff*.

11. Sandwiches, mediocre at best.

12. Your daughter's wedding, tiresome. 


13. Depression, *eyeroll*.

14. Procreation, over-hyped.

By Nina / Thursday 9 November 2017 14:58 /
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