14 FMLs About Goddamn Puddles For National Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friend Day, Which Is Indeed A Real Thing

Being ill-prepared for a rainy day is already enough of an FML, but adding accidentally stepping into a puddle to the mix can officially ruin your day. Naturally, it’s a subject of many FMLs, so we’ve decided to share some with you on this special day. Warning: not all of these puddles are made of water!

1. That's some shiny, black mud.

2. It's warm. It's almost like a bath.

3. Sacrifices were made.

4. Now'snot the time.

5. It's not called 'National Drive Through A Puddle And Splash A Stranger' Day, excuse you.

6. Seems he didn't get the memo either.

7. Nice to see you enjoying the weather, my dude.

8. Watch out who splash. Some people hold grudges.

9. Ballsy move. But if you were ever gonna go for it, that would be the time.

10. Way to show him how well you're doing.

11. A round of applause for the security guy just doing his job.

12. If only there were an ounce of common sense in your puny, child-sized brain.

13. When karma intervenes.

14. How to splash lots of friends, or strangers, at once.

By Nina / Thursday 11 January 2018 14:07 / France
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