13 Horribly Translated Shirts From Asia That People Would Not Wear If They Knew What They Said

The shirt looks cute so why not wear it, right? Wrong. Major FML.

There is no way the owners of these shirts have any idea what they are broadcasting on their bodies. Not only are these shirts hilarious, most of them make no sense at all. Sad and Useless did a compliation, and we chose 13 of our favorite, cringe-worthiest shirts. Enjoy!

1. If you're happy and you know it

2. Good job, honey!

3. DAMN!

4. Same, to be honest.

5. You feelin' dancin'?

6. I love hamburger friend, but I feel happiness when I eat him, what do I do???

7. I'm not sure what one has to do with the other but, okay.

8. I've never heard truer words spoken.

9. O is for omelet and that is the greatest thing ever.

10. WARNING: Rabbits do not eat candy. I made this shirt to let you all know because I found out the hard way and now it is my duty to spread the message. 

11. Definitely do take care of your uterus. 

12. Isn't "thicc" what the kids are saying these days?

13. Not sure if this shirt is screaming about helping the earth or total world domination. 


By Nadine / Thursday 5 April 2018 18:36 /
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By  She's Got Moxie  |  14

And they probably have articles just like this where they make fun of Americans who get character tattoos that mean something totally different than what was intended. LOL