13 Hilarious Times Feminists Really Shut It Down

Repeat: Feminism means Women=Men. Not Women>Men.

We already know this one is going to bring out all of the Opinions™ and that is fine, but before you go off in a rage about SJW's or what have you and end up breaking your keyboard, read the whole article, and get a good laugh OK?

We gotta give a shout out to Bored Panda for the compilation, but here are 13 of our favorites.


2. I have been waiting for you my whole life.

3. Becuase... why?

4. Alternate ending pitches:

5. Please lord make it stop.

6. When people don't understand how words work.

7. *Eyeballs roll out of head, on the ground, and away for the rest of eternity*

8. *Mic drop*

9. Now wait a minute let's hear him out...

10. Such a scary, threatening word.

11. The Mansplainer always arrives in time to save the day and EDUCATE.

12. Obviously they wanted to be tackled.

13. This last one is for that one guy who's super concerned about how much Feminism fights for the rights of women overseas.

By Nadine / Tuesday 15 May 2018 16:01 /
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  sixtus1973  |  27

No. 13 describes modern day feminism perfectly. Women are district attorneys, juries and judges at the same time, completely ignoring anything like due process and glorifying violence against possibly innocent men who have been wrongfully accused. Maybe they believe it's ok because women are angels and never ever make false accusations. -- Whoever thinks third wave feminism is anything else than delusional and full of toxic misandry should go see a therapist.

  izzajaneful  |  24

Or maybe you could not go ahead and assume they are incompetent at what they are doing. Maybe they DO put a little more effort into it than hearing a story and immediately running for their broomsticks. You don’t fckng know, but without any information you seem to think you’re the expert on their situation.

By  joonsson  |  20

Most of them are not really funny. Patriarchy is the dumbest thing I’ve heard of you live in a modern western country, and these days feminism doesn’t mean gender equality thanks to the fact that most who claim to be feminist only fight for women’s rights, often even when it’s already pretty equal they’re still fighting for an advantage ignoring or even trying to stop talks about the issues men face.

Maybe those should be call feminazis, but they call themselves feminists so I don’t know. I’m all for equality but until the majority of feminists stop spreading bs like the wage gap that’s proven to be false and stop ignoring facts like that men are way more likely to be the victim of a violent crime, commit suicide, get injured or killed at work etc they will keep being ignored and consider champions for women’s “rights” only.


1.there have been some extremists that take feminism too far and I would like to say on behalf of all REAL feminism they don't speak for us
2. feminism fight for women's rights because the world is dominated by men and they oppress us that we have to fight for rights and to be seen as human beings, and if feminist don't fight for women of all races then they aren't feminism

  Sillieth  |  3

I don't know what country you're in, so I'm basing things on mine. In the US, what legal rights do men have that women don't? For women, they don't have to register with Selective Service to vote.

If you want to fight for equal rights, fight for equal rights. Don't ignore 1 side on the claim of being oppressed. Both sides have positives and negatives

  DraftHail614  |  17

Don't bother. What feminist listens to reason? Whenever you call them on their shit, they run to their definition. "But it's equal rights! See?!" Today's feminism is a joke. Wage gap is debunked, they can't name a right men have over women, etc. But it's cool. Chances are I'll be shamed for being a man and just "not accepting change".

By  user53658  |  15

About no 11, the 'mansplaining'-thing; women talk and talk all day, but when a men starts to explain something to them, all of a sudden they seem not capable of just saying; 'thanks, but I already know this, because...' or in this particular case; 'Let me tell you that I'm actually the author of this book'.