10 Tweets About Kylie Jenner's Hilariously Awkward Choice In Baby Name

Huge FML for the baby who sounds like she was named after Trump’s porn star affair.

They’ve officially gone too far. I mean, we get it. The Kardashians can do whatever they want. And most celebrities name their kids crazy shit anyway. But….why? What happens to celebrities that makes them want to name their children the most bizarre names of all time? Is this something that happens to people once they reach a certain level of fame? This is beyond your average “I’m making shit up so my kid can have a unique name” which is the non-celebrity-but-equally-offensive version of naming your kid. It’s that they’re choosing random, weird nouns that already exist and giving them to their children as monikers. Think about it: Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Apple,” Michael Jackson’s “Blanket,” Beyonce and Jay Z’s “Blue Ivy” Or even the ones in the Kardashian clan themselves: North, Dream, Saint, Chicago… Why?

I guess we will never know. So here are a bunch of tweets about the hilarity of it all.

1. All future family gatherings will sound like this...

2. Stormi days ahead.

3. Plot twist.

4. Oh, Kylie. You missed a pretty hot topic.

5. Wait, which article is this? 

6. The last one is definitely the best.

7. Because it's just so subtle and pretty.

8. This tweet is too real.

9. This guy is on our level.

10. Seriously who's going to tell her?

By Nadine / Wednesday 7 February 2018 14:41 /
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

This is never going to stop. Giving all your daughters "K" names was bad enough, but for them to then give their own kids weird names must have crossed some sort of line. Just wait until one of the Kardashian-West/Disick/Scott/Whatevers names their kid Orange, or 10, or Hashtag.