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Hi gang! This week’s illustration is brought to you from Berlin, via Lyon, Stockholm and many more. It was created by Claire Webster, AKA Clarikine, who is 26 and ¾, and as you can tell, she’s a bit of a nomad. As she states, “I constant...
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Hi gang! This week’s illustration is brought to you from Berlin, via Lyon, Stockholm and many more. It was created by Claire Webster, AKA Clarikine, who is 26 and ¾, and as you can tell, she’s a bit of a nomad. As she states, “I constantly navigate between different cultures, different communities and different languages, and that all ends up in my comics.”

She likes switching between different tasks and workplaces. “There’s a part of me that is still 9-years-old and jumps up and down whenever I settle down to draw.” She would however like to have 36-hour-long days.

At the moment, she’s getting ready for the Berlin Zinefest and she’s also working on an order, which is Franco-German themed.

She went to school in Lyon in France, studied German, and then moved to Nantes to study international communication, and then a German town called Görlitz. Berlin next, where she ended up working in customer services, all the while honing her drawing skills. Since then she’s freelanced her way around the circuit.

Her main projects for the moment are the second part of her autobiographical comic book “Master of Survival”, which tell the tale of her first 9 months in Berlin. It should eventually become a book. “I’m also working on “Noémie, there and back”, a comic book musical project that I’m doing with Sarah Ehrenholz. It’s about an awkward teen who goes on a school trip to Germany. The idea is to "create a hybrid object with the comic telling the story and the music as accompaniment.” She’s also working on a webcomic about her caracters Anaé and Sasha, who were created between two lessons.

Right, onto the next part of the interview, the quickfire round!

Cats or dogs?

I prefer cats, by far. A cat can live its life, without asking you for anything, just a few biscuits every morning. A bit like me.

What were the latest things that you liked in movies, music, books and comics?

I don’t often go to the movies, due lack of time and money, so I’m more into TV shows. The latest one I liked was Elementary, the American adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. In music, I really liked the new Arctic Monkeys album, which managed to replace the last Tegan and Sara album as the album I most played to my roommates. I also recommend the new Phia single, who is from Berlin, as well as “All the way thru” by JD Samson & Men. As for books, I’ve just finished Max Dubinsky’s writings, an American author who drove around the States looking for God. In fact, I used his stories about homeless people as inspiration to illustrate this FML. For comics, see below.

Who are the main artists you appreciate, and whose blogs you check out regularly?

For the past 4 or 5 years I’ve been fixated on the Portland scene, in particular the work of Erika Moen and Natalie Nourigat. They gave me they impulsion to talk about my own life in comic book form. Through Erika Moen I discovered Lucky Knisley’s work, whose work is autobiographical too, and Sam Orchard as well, who draws a comic called “Rooster Tails” about his life as a trans man* in New Zealand. And finally, via the Periscope studio in Portland I came across the work of Lucy Bellwood, an artist who draws ships and whose motivation is 100% contagious. Other than that, I read Octopus Pie, Girls with Slingshots, Nimona, and Kate or Die.

Tell us what you enjoy in life, your passions, pastimes, vices and everyday pleasures.

I enjoy cycling around the city, around the Siegessäule, le column to the west of the Brandenburg gate. It reminds me that victory is close. Other than that I like cooking and watching TV shows with my roommates, the Feierabendbier (the beer drunk after work) and long walks with an iPod and a sweater. I write in an almost compulsive manner since school in a notebook that I carry everywhere.

Tell us a crap joke. Or failing that, tell us your worst FML.

I couldn’t get in touch with my friend Apolide (not his real name) so that he could give me a crap joke, so here’s my FML:

Today, my first day at a new job. My boss comes to my office to say hello. As we are shaking hands, I introduce myself: Frau Webster. He replies, “Thanks, you too.” He thought I was wishing him a happy new year in German. FML

Do you have a phobia? If so, what is it?

I have the phobia that my phobias will happen if I talk about them on the Internet.

To finish off, ask yourself a question you would’ve liked to have been asked, and then answer it if you want.

Q: Is there anyone in the audience you would like to say hello to?

A: Yes, my parents, my brother and my sister. “I’m not quite dead! I’m getting better!” Thanks!


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That's it for this week. We're off to party the night away, and we hope that you are going to do the same. Take care and as always, be excellent to each other.

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By  Linaelle  |  14

She obviously doesn't have the phobia that some will start obsessing over what her phobias are if she refuses to disclose them ^^
Nice interview though.

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