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Chinese ice cream

Wake up for today's illustration, and make sure you put a shirt on! It's evening for today's artist, and she's all dressed up, so you don't want to look like a fool in front of her. That's right, our lovely guest Emilie lives in China, and it's from this wonderful, mysterious and censored country that she's answering our questions. Yes, I have to admit that here at FML we're overly-curious about guest artist's lives, almost like an FML Big Brother. Fortunately, Emilie was kind enough to humour us, and answered e v e r y single question. All but the weird ones, anyway.


-What's your name and surname?

-How old are you?

-Where do you live? What's so great and lame about this place?
-Shanghai, China. It is unrooting, it is crazy and you have to forget all your culture, none of what you've know in the West can be applied here. And it is magically scaring how fast things are changing. You can almost do everything you
want if you get to understand a little bit the big picture. The past and the future of this city are nothing palpable. But there are this big strenght and rythm you can feel inside of your bones. Well, I get angry so often here, but I have to tell I am in love with this country...

-What's hardest, to read kanjis or to eat with sticks?
-Definitely kanjis, because the60'ssociopoliticalmovementwecannotsaythename reformed them a lot. What I learnt has probably absolutely nothing to do with them. And sticks? Wicked easy, and they are a great entertainment when you get
bored in a dinner or even at home.

-Did Kung Fu Panda really existed?
-Probably yes. Historians acknowledged the presence of schools of Panda Gong Fu 2,282 years ago.

-What's your story?
-Born, France, drawing, painting, reading, watching movies, architecture school, listening to music, drawing, reading, graduated, having an itch for change, living in Vancouver, travelling, painting, reading, living in China, meeting amazing people, pina coladas, graphic designing, watching movies, travelling, painting, illustrating, seeking for kick-ass music bands, doing, thinking, writing, staying in China, eating, loving, endlessly...

-Your job (artist) is it enough to pay the bills?
-I diversify, a lot, so yep it is enough.

-What are your projects?
-Series with Babel Underground project, a mix of live music and live animation. Sculptures of my "hang me up" series of pin-ups. Wallpapers. Finishing learning tattoing. Inner Mongolia in the summer. Brasil at the end of the year. Keeping on doing a million things!

-Why did you choose this FML?
-I could have done the same thing than the guy. I basically live for food, art, sex and travels (in this order).

-Do you have your own FML story?
-This morning I walk to my car, and I pass the compound's guard, he gives me an unusual big weird smile and stares at me, walking all dolled-up, in high heels. I get close to my car and I see. For the 3rd time in the week, a giant bird pooped on my rear window.




Many thanks for your illustration, Emilie! Next week we're crossing the Pacific Ocean to visit the Golden Gate, and believe me, you don't want to miss it...


Emilie's website:



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