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FML's Matchmaker

Now, we can match you up based on your favorite FMLs. As you may or may not know, you can favorite FMLs by clicking on the heart icon under each one. This collection of hearts is then displayed on your account profile. What we're planning to do is to let you choose your favorite stories (at least 5 - but no more than 65) on the first 10 pages of the website, and then match you up with someone who has selected the same stories, based on a percentage of choice similarities (please be sure to fill out your profile via "my profile/edit" if you want the other members to be able to fully appreciate you).

Here's how it works:

1. Log in with your member's account (or create one, it's totally free).

2. Choose at least 5 of your favorite stories (but no more than 65) contained within the first 10 pages of the website, by clicking on the little heart next to the FML.

3. Click on "Calculate your matches" and you'll immediately see all the FML members whose sense of humour matches with yours. You'll then be able to send private messages to the members you like the most. Since you have the same tastes, you'll probably have lots of stuff to talk about. Wax lyrical, get creative!

And off you go! CLICK HERE. You can even refresh your favourite FMLs every day to discover new matches.

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