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FML won't stop until it hits the spot

OH GOD YES, DON'T STOP reading this article, it's not because it's short that it's not good, the most important thing being of course the taste. And today we have a new kind of flavor, a mix a between maple syrup, elk and snow, because we're visiting a Northern artist. No, not Kansas, a little bit more in the North. Not Hannah Montana either, again, a little bit more in the North. Exactly, we're crossing the border to visit Canada for the first time! It's kind of surprising to see that Canadian people are not like South Park describes them, but we're still okay. Even though we're feeling a little cold. Luckily, today's artist opened her doors to welcome us in. We're also welcoming her on FML though, so it’s a perfect arrangement. Please, everybody, welcome Jessa Rempel!

Jessa is 16 years old, and not only is she our youngest ever participant, but she's our first Canadian artist too! It's in Vancouver that she's spending her last year in high school before she enters the wild world of capitalism, unemployment and under-the-desk professional training. Hopefully, she'll reach her dream, which is to work in animation. Passionate about art, she started by drawing actual objects when she was just a little kid. Our little maple syrup is slowly but surely making her place in the DA community. She doesn't own a web comic, but her humor is great enough to make us want to have her in the illustration section!

You're right, Jessa is a little bit young to have a biography as long as Berlusconi's nose, that's why we'll keep it short, displaying her simple but effective drawings, and repeating that she's on her way to be a web comic star… wait and see, my friends!

Time to say goodbye to Jessa, Pamela Anderson, Celine Dion and Keanu Reeves, but before here are our last questions: why did our today's artist choose this story and why did she choose to participate in FML?

"I always come across strange people like the Fat Lady, and I LOVE drawing creepy expressions. Character design is always great too; I have a lot of fun with things like this. As soon as I found out about FML I fell in love, and when the comic section appeared I fainted. How could something so great get so much better?”

click on this preview !


Actually we don't know, it's kind of a miracle... Vanity besides, we thank you Jessa for your orgasmic illustration and we would like to thank Becky who colorize it !


Jessa's DA is here:


And now here's a little instruction manual on how to be our next published artist: send an email to [email protected] which starts with a hello and ends with a goodbye, including your name, age, and a link to your website/blog. If you don't have one, attach some of your drawings.

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