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Cyanide & Happiness show their balls

After turning down several offers to make TV shows, due to the fact that the contracts they were being given to sign would’ve suffocated their creativity to the point where Hollywood could’ve been called Houdini, our friends at C&H have now decided to create their own show on the interwebs.

Doing it on your own means no censorship, which is mainly what makes C&H’s sense of humour so special, you can feel its radical taste of freedom and breath mints coming at you. Using all the weapons they have at their disposal (an arsenal of pens and crayons), the people at C&H are one of the last bastions of hope in the face of the excesses of the politically correct army. The most valuable weapon they have is the elegance of their humour.

But to do all this, they need you and your generous donations. They’ve been pouring themselves into this project for a while now, but this makes it official. Their Kickstarter is officially here:

Dear Kris, Rob, Matt & Dave, The FML Team, as well as some of FML’s users will help you out. Because you have skill, talent, passion. And balls.


#1352 - Special guests - On 02/15/2013 at 8:56am by The FML Team - 18 comments

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