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Welcome to FML's new app

Hi there! If you’re reading this, it means that you’re on the latest version of the FML Official iPhone app. As you may have noticed, the app has changed a lot recently and we’d like to walk you through what’s been going on.

Why is there advertising on FML? The app and each of its updates are free. Ads are our source of income, which allows our readers to use our app for free, all the while keeping our team fed and clothed and able to bring you your dose of giggles every day of the year.

We can confirm that there are fewer advertisements on this version of the app. Mainly on the page that you visit the most, the one that opens up when the app launches and contains the latest FMLs. Previously, an ad banner would remain static at the bottom of the page and would be constantly displayed. Now, this banner is displayed amongst the FMLs (once every 4 FMLs to be precise) and by moving your finger down to read, it can so happen that no ads will appear at all.

We should remind you that if you do not wish to see any advertising at all in the app, it’s possible to purchase the ad-free version (see Settings). It costs $0.99 which is the lowest price possible. A small investment that could be interesting if you’re a frequent FML user.

You’ll find the other big innovation of this version on the page that you land on when you open the app. As of today, it works like a timeline (the same way Facebook and Twitter do) on which you’ll find diverse things like blog articles, illustrated FMLs, tweets, information and “FML, the follow-up”, FMLs where the author has returned to comment.

You’ll thus find out that FML is not just about the FMLs. The rest is very funny too.

Of course, this new timeline feature comes with a sorting option. A button has appeared to the left of the FML submission button. You can personalize your page and everything that is displayed on it by selecting or unselecting elements.

So, that’s basically what we had to say about this new version of the app. Our team works every day to bring you the best of FML. Our greatest reward is your positive reviews on the App Store, so feel free to take a few moments to go to app’s page and give us a nice appreciation. For each 5-star review, somewhere in the world a kitten gets a belly rub. And we like that sort of thing.

#1347 - About FMyLife - On 01/31/2013 at 7:13am by The FML Team - 11 comments

Top comments

  • My only complaints with the new app are that the OP's location no longer displays, and the user name is frequently cut off if it's too long. Unless there's a way to see these things that I haven't discovered yet...

    #1 - On 02/03/2013 at 10:24am by ksktwin84

    See in context

  • I can never tell if the OP is a boy or a girl anymore, either. Perhaps a small and frivolous complaint, but it somehow matters.

    #3 - On 02/03/2013 at 1:19pm by jessi_sunshine

    See in context



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