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Put your FML hands in the air!

Nooooo, I'm not interviewing Candy Staton, and nooooo I'm not going to talk about the Avengers but guys this isn't 9gag so let me introduce you to the fresh new artist we're welcoming today! She's a lovely lady who lives in Vancouver and she's the author of ChinChatComics. You love chinchillas? This webcomic is for you. You love animals in general? This webcomic is for you. You love to laugh? This webcomic is for you. You are breathing right now? This webcomic is for you. 



-Jennifer welcome onto the FML boat, what's your name, surname, or nickname if you have one?
-I go by Jenn ChinChat, or just Jenn.

-How old are you?
-I'm 23, but 24 in July. And 12 years old at heart.

-What's your job ? (or imaginary job as you're 12.)
-I am a junior User Interface designer in Vancouver

-Ow, seems serious. So what job could you do after graduating?
-I recently finished my degree so I just started my UI position this Friday at LMWerks.

-What's LMWerks?
-It's a wonderful design consulting studio, and they are great about supporting ChinChatComics

-Tell us more about your webcomic then!
-ChinChatComics is a delightfully addictive comic with unforgettable characters! We publish twice a week and you'll fall in love with us.



-"We"? Are you schizo or do you work with someone else?
-Haha I do all the drawing and most of the writing, but Shakespeare and Rolo (my chinchillas) give me inspiration all the time. They are also characters in ChinChatComics! I have an IT guy who helps me with my site as well!

-What's the future of ChinChatComics? Can you give us some special news?
-Lots! Of course it's exciting to be part of the FML boat! Thank you very much. If you like ChinChat you can become a fan on Facebook and get access to exclusive ChinChat content! We will be a part of ExporAsian art exhibit in Vancouver at the International Village Art Gallery (May 5-25), so if you are in Vancouver please come take a look! As well if you have an iPad or iPhone, try our game Chinbounce in the App store! So I'm excited to say that the future of ChinChat looks very bright

-And we're pleased as well. What are your inspirations (besides Shakespeare and Rolo) and which webcomics do you read?
-Peanuts by Charles Schultz, Garfield have always been my favorite comics. Some web comics would be ZombieBoy, LoadingArtist and VG cats, Buni. I recently found ZenPencils and they are a fun web comic to follow,

-Are you planning on publishing a Chinchat book?
-Actually yes, I have been looking into doing an eBook and see how it goes, we would love to give an actual book or eBook to our fans to own.

-Does living in Vancouver somehow affect your way of creating?
-Vancouver is a beautiful city and full of interesting people from different places in the world. My friends and experiences have definitely affected how ChinChat is created.

-And last question Jennifer! Why did you choose this FML story?
-When I read it I was in class and I laughed out loud! I was embarrassed but that's how I knew it was the one!

-Thank you very much for taking part Jenn!
-Thank you Alice and FML! And thank you to my ChinChatters for your love and support!





ChinChatComics is right here :

If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 


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