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Julien Revenu's illustrated FML

Hello, you lovely people!

This week is yet again brought to you from our French website, so strap some baguettes on your arms, get the accordion out of storage and assume the mandatory position. While you do so, we’ll be off skateboarding, and then taking care of the trolls in the comments sections. So, ready to sing the French National Anthem?

Today’s artist is, as we said (keep up) from France, he’s 27, and lives in a town near the Mediterranean Sea called Montpellier. He goes by the name Julien Revenu, AKA Revenu. So, what does he get up to? “I create cartoons and educational illustrations for various community projects, associations and communication agencies. I also create humorous comics for the press. I’m currently preparing a graphic novel about the urban riots that happened in France in 2005.”

What Revenu likes the most is to tell stories. He tries to transport his readers into his world. And if he can do so via humor, it’s even better. Here at FML we totally agree. “Creating a funny situation is pretty tough. Getting people to empathize with characters in sad situations is much more simple. What I miss the most is working in a team. It happens sometimes while working on scripts, but not often enough.”

Julien Revenu has stacks of humor, and his excellent drawing style makes it even more enjoyable. He wound up with this style after travelling all over France for his education, ending up in a Decorative Art School for five years. He’s now worked solo for the past two years in a workshop in Montpellier, where he works alongside other artists.

He has many projects on the go, such as a TV show that became a series of comic strips. “It’s called Quorum, and it’s about the associative community world told with an absurd/trashy humor. You can check some of it out on my blog.” He’s also preparing a documentary about Japan, but hasn’t decided on the angle yet. “I’ll be there during the summer, where I’ll travel to the Amani Islands.” Lucky guy.

Damn, he’s now made me want to travel as well. I now suggest we move on to the second part of this interview. (Yeah, that’s what’s called a professional transition.)

So, dogs or cats?
Dogs, definitely. This subject comes up often between my significant other and me.

What did you enjoy recently in movies, music, books and cartoons?
I’ve always dreamt of being a gangster in a movie. I enjoy both of Moriarty’s albums. I loved Ken Grimwood’s book Replay, the story of a guy who relives his life a thousand times, each time changing his destiny. As for comics, I like what’s being produced in Italy at the moment. Five Thousand Kilometers by Manuele Fior for example is a mighty fine book.

Who are the main artists that you like and whose blogs you frequently check out?
Charlie Poppins for the retro touch, Lapin, whose travel cartoons are magnificent, and Wulffmorgenthaler for the Anglo-Saxon humor.

Tell us about your passions, hobbies and vices. What make you happy to be alive?
I do a lot of theatre improvisation. I love it; it’s like my own adrenaline shot. It’s a wonderful laboratory for experimenting storytelling. It takes up a lot of my time.

Do have a phobia? If so, what is it?
Not really, but I’ll borrow King Arthur’s: snakes… because they travel around on their stomachs.

To end this interview, ask yourself a question that you would have liked to been asked, and then answer it.
-Out of all these objects, guess which one.
-That one
-My pleasure.


And to see this week’s illustrated FML, please click here!


Well, there we have it, another brilliant discovery, good old Julien Revenu, off he goes. I’ll leave you with two videos, as usual. When you get two “Talking Carl’s”, an iPhone app where a guy repeats everything you say, to talk to each other, this is what happens. And the second video is so good that it needs no introduction. Bye for now!


Got talent? Wanna take part in an upcoming illustrated FML? Send an email to [email protected] and don’t forget to include a link to your blog or a few examples of your work.

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