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The FML dream

USA, USA, USA; well, almost. Today we're not welcoming a French artist, not even an American artist, but an artist from... oh, you'll see! Are you in a hurry or something? Why can't we just sit down, have a nice cup of tea and talk about the future? Okay, I see some of you starting to fall asleep, I'll start the interview then!


-Idan Schneider hello, welcome to FML, introduce yourself to the audience, where do you live?
-Hey everyone! I live in suburban Tel-Aviv, Israel.

-How old are you?
-I was born the same year Star Wars was published. (The original one, not the special edition...) You do the math.

-(So you were born in year Awesome, nice). What's your job?
-My formal education is in software engineering, and up until recently I was a Product Manager in the software industry. A few weeks ago I decided that after almost a decade of non-stop work, it's time to take some time for myself, and so in a bold (stupid?) move I quit my job. On the bright side, this gives me plenty of time to do useless crap like this FML gig.

-FML vs. software engineering, what a beautiful fight. So how's life now that you quit?
-Pretty much the same, only now my life has a meaning and I can see colors again...


-And that is pretty helpful for an artist. Let's talk about your webcomic, C-Section, why did you create it?
-Well, I've been drawing ever since I remember myself, but I kept my art hidden in my desk drawer for most of my life. When I turned 30, I had a mini "mid-life crisis". Most people spend their mid life crisis on chasing whores getting drunk, but me, I decided to publish my art (to my wife's delight). I started a web comic without really knowing anything about web comics or blogging. C-Section comics started slow at first, but week after week it gained more and more fans. Then I published this cartoon about how iPhone, Android and Blackberry users see each other, which went insanely viral - and that gave a real boost to my readership. Ever since then my best cartoons have been published in sites such as TechCrunch, Geeks are Sexy, Make Use Of, CNET, (takes a deep breath) etc.

-What are your inspirations for this webcomic?
-Artistically-wise, as a kid I was inspired mainly by French comics - especially Asterix the Gaul (I have almost every book in the series). I also used to read a lot of Mad Magazine. Today with the internet you have access to almost any form of art out there so I can't really limit my current influences to anything particular. But if you'll ask me which three webcomics I enjoy most reading, I'd say Dilbert, SMBC and "Cyanide & Happiness". Will you ask me that?

-Yes, we can see the American influence in your drawings. But there's a question I'm DYING to ask you, and please be honest Idan, I know it's getting personal but, what are your favorite webcomics ?
-Well this interview is soooooo over! (Please don't end it, I'm sorry, I'll be good)



-You're such an artist Idan. Does living in Israel affect your creations?
-Not really, most of my cartoons are mostly about everyday topics that anyone anywhere in the world could relate to, like why your mom shouldn't be your facebook friend, or why we all hate going food shopping, or the differences between how men and women choose their underwear. In fact, most of my audience come from The States, Germany, India the UK so there's a lot of diversity here.

-What are your next projects?
-Well, I'm working full speed ahead on publishing new cartoons on C-Section Comics, so feel free to follow my cartoons on the site ( or on Facebook ( I'm also drawing personal caricatures which can be ordered at .

-And now last question Idan! (I know, don't cry.) why did you choose this FML story?
-I wanted to reply to Mike Jacobsen. Plus it gave me a chance to draw my 3 favorite things: blondes, dogs, and blondes having sex with dogs. God, I need help. FML.
-Well, thank you for your honesty Idan, it was a great interview (and a funny way to find out that you need to see a shrink).





Idan's webcomic :
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