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The lost FML

USA, USA, USA, and more precisely Philadelphia. That's where we're landing today. When I first discovered Justin, on 9gag or an awesome website like that, I knew exactly this little guy was perfect to fit in the FML illustrated section. His crazy, crazy website burnt my retinas but I didn't notice as his hilarious comics kept my mind busy. Don't worry, today's illustration does not include vivid colors (and don't worry, it's not The Artist either). Let's start the interview and get a chance to know Justin Westover!



-So, are you ready for the interview?
-Yeah I hope so.

-Great, because the roller coaster you rode once before was nothing compares to what's following. You don't have heart issue do you?
-Oh dear… Hang on, I'm going to get my helmet for this. I'm sitting down so I should remain concious for the majority of this.

-Justin, welcome on FML! Before riding this monster (oh, wait, that does sound a little naughty.. let's say roller coaster instead) SO, before riding this FML rollercoaster, I must know how old you are.
-I am 22. I was an 80's kid for 14 days. I did the most cocaine in my life during that time period.

-Okay, we can continue this interview (and even recall some The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air memories). Where do you live young man?
-Well in West philidelphia, born and raised... I wish, I live in Stevens point, Wisconsin.

-Oh, sarcasm, nice. What is your job daytime/nightime?
-I work at the University I'm attending in the bookstore. Usually I'm a "customer service associate" but I'm currently the Web manager. Nightime is spent on comic strips because that's the only time I get.

-Which one would be the coolest, talking about the University or your webcomics?
-Haha. Well, some pretty crazy stuff happens at the University, but I'm sure you're more interested in the webcomics. I don't think you were perusing my student records when you selected me for my, haha. But as far University life goes, I'm going for a Bachelor of Fine Arts right now.



-Yeah yeah, studies, whatever, COMICS, that all we want to hear (read) about! Tell us more about your website.
-YEAH! Well as you know, it's, I update it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It has no storyline or many reccuring characters like most webcomics out there. I've been doing this thing for about a year and five months now. Which is the longest I've ever stuck to one hobby ever.

-So your artstyle is pretty simple, and your humour crushing, what inspires you when you're creating your comics?
-It's really just a big amalgamations of all the little random thoughts I have throughout my days. I've noticed a lot of my jokes just tend to deal with taking standard, accepted acts of every day life and twisting them around. I'm also a fan of awkward moments because those are the instances when we are most vulnerable. I did a comic strip with my Left and Right characters where Right is talking about having a pepperoni from his frozen pizza get stuck to the wrapper and he almost threw it away. I actually told that story in real life and was met with a "cool story bro."

-("Cold story bro" would have been better) It's funny to see how life inspires artists. I have to ask. What's up with the fluorescent green Justin?
-Isn't it beautiful. When I designed this site, I was studying color theory. And I wanted to take the most obnoxious colors and try to bring them together in harmony. And to damage as many retinas as possible.

-Yuo fulyy succede. Whta aer you biggest insspitrat!ons?
-The first time I decided to try drawing comics in a webcomic fashion, I had just started reading Cyanide and Happiness when they were just getting started out. I came up with Left and Right and did about 50 4 panel strips with them. I didn't start taking the idea of running a website seriously until I read all the big webcomics that were actually successful. That runs the whole list from XKCD to SMBC to PBF comics to Penny Arcade. When I see they've been doing this thing for 5 to 10 years, comic after comic after comic, it really motivates you.


-Are you planning on publishing a book?
-Maybe some years down the road when I've earned it. It's funny how a medium that draws its success from existing digitally really shows how far it's come by being in print form. I need more experience, I need a larger library of strips, I need to mature more, I need to do a lot more things before I feel a book would be worth printing for Mr. Lovenstien.

-Last question Justin! I know, it's sad ... why did you choose that story?
-Aww man, and I just stopped shaking violently from nervousness. That FML jumped out at me because it seems like such a random and improbably event. And I love random and improbable events. And I wanted to highten the randomness and improbableness to new heights.

-And you're great at creating random and improbable events too.
-Yeah, you could say that's another standard of Lovenstein lore.

-I just read "love". Anyway. Thank you for taking part Justin, that was delightful!




Justin's webcomic :




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