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FML goes too far

"Fake". We do sure hear that word a lot nowadays. But what can you do, sometimes the situation you're trapped in is so unreal that you simply can't make it up. But don't worry, here on FML, these situations are the true heroes, so come along and bring all your crazy stories right here. Plus, the most unbelievable stories can get the chance to be illustrated by amazing artists. And this is what's happening today, courtesy of Aviv Itzcovitz:



-Aviv, welcome to FML! You're the creator of the amazing Stupid Snake webcomic (but we'll get to that later), first of all, present yourself, how old are you?
-I'm 27. I live in Israel, I do some freelance stuff as an illustrator but my passion is comics.

-Okay, so you already answered half of my next question, I'll now have to be inventive on that one. How did you get into being an illustrator? Did you go to art school or something?
-I did go to art school, 4 years of that. It didn't actually help much with getting jobs, but at least I learned to draw better. I guess that's something. I get all kind of jobs, coloring, web design, not just illustration. Sometimes even comics.

-So, how did you create "Stupid Snake"?
-Well, the comic I did before that was half fantasy world and half real world kind of thing. The fantasy part was all wordless, I really enjoyed that. Communicating with nothing but drawings. I wanted to do something that is completely wordless so I can really go wild with it. So that was Stupid Snake. The story pretty much came to me after I already drew about 20 pages or something like that, I was winging it up until that point. So basically it's a fantasy-mystery comic but it's also quite bizarre and most certainly not for everyone. I think it's a lot of fun, but what do I know.


-Yes, you're not objective (but I am, and I can say that it's funny indeed). Who (or what) are your inspirations when it comes to illustrating something?
-I think I can split my inspiration to 1) comics and 2) everything else. Cartoonists that really inspire me, at least at the moment, are - Brandon Graham, Michael Deforge, James Stokoe, James Kochalka, and oh man I guess that's enough for now. By "everything else" I mean art, movies, stuff I discover on the internet in the middle of the night when I have nothing (or when I do have something) better to do. I guess the TV series Lost was a pretty big inspiration for Stupid Snake, that's the mystery part of the comic. Lately I've been inspired mostly by comics, though. Also Adventure Time. That's a fun show.

-You mentioned Lost, I have to ask you, what is your theory concerning the island?
-I really liked what they show in the last season, with Jacob and his brother. I have to admit that I can't really put to words why any of that makes any sense at all, it's like it has its own logic. But that's what I liked about it. I'm not gonna say that the island is "Hell" or whatever. It's just the island. I really can't explain it, and that's why it's so interesting. You just don't know what to expect from that place.

-Exactly like your webcomic. What are your next projects? A new webcomic? A book?
-I'm already working on several comics. The one that is most likely to be finished first is Fishbird. It's about a guy that's trying to catch this weird creature. He's pretty obsessed with it, but he sucks. And then some things happen, and if I'll tell you about them the story will be spoiled, so... It's pretty short, less than 60 pages long, and not wordless.


-More seriously, does living in Israel somehow affect your creations?
-I'm way too deep in fantasy land, so probably not. I keep thinking that I should do a comic about this conflict that's all around me, but there have been better people than me who've already done just that. Unless I really have something to say about it I'd rather not. But maybe someday.

-You'll have to keep us informed. Last question Aviv! Why did you choose this story?
-I got the idea for the comic right away, there wasn't really any question about it. I remember picturing Godzilla crashing through the metro would be the next logical step for this guy's life and that made me chuckle. So that was that.

-Logical, that's the word. Thank you very much for taking part Aviv !






Stupid Snake webcomic :


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