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YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR EYES, shocking revelations, AMAZING INTERVIEW THAT LEADS TO SHOCKING REVELATIONS, uh, no, I already said that. Damn, I can't introduce the interview as if it's the next blockbuster that will blow everyone's mind. There, now I'm depressed. What's the point of doing this interview anyway if I can't do it Hollywood style. Oh! Wait guys, Deanna, our lovely artist of the day, will bring the spectacular for me! You wouldn't want to miss that!


-Deanna, welcome, you're our traditional Saturday artist. How are you feeling? Relaxed? Not too stressed out by being interviewed by an ex FBI agent?
-FBI agent or not, I am pretty relaxed! But still kind of nervous! I don't even know anymore.

-Is Deanna Sulli your real name or is that your artist's name?
-It would be cool to have an artist name, but I don't. That's my name.

-Where do you live?


-Don't brag about that. The sun can shine anywhere else if he decides to do so. And one day he will. Trust me. How old are you Pink's hot dog eater?
-Sun every day gets boring after a while, though! I just turned 19 this past weekend.

-(You're going to irritate our readers) Are you a student?
-(I'm sorry!) But yes, I am a student at a university.

-Do you study art?
-Yes, I am minoring in graphic design and take art classes.

-What are the cool and lame sides about being a student?
-I enjoy learning; soaking up information, obtaining all this knowledge and being with people who enjoy it too. Oh, and it's also cool that we have access to free services, like the buses, a health center and a gym. Plus, student discounts on software! The lame side is that there's a lot of work. Tuition, textbooks, and materials are expensive.

-So are you going to be a graphic designer when you'll graduate?
-Well, graphic design is my minor. My major focuses on computer programming. I'm hoping to be a web developer/web designer.

-You're a real creator/baby genius. Tell us more about your DA portfolio, I see you're a deviant member for 3 years now, why don't you have your own personal website?
-I have a website, but I'm taking quite a while revamping it for a portfolio. I've had my own website since I was 9, but I always change the domain name. I started using dA because it's really convenient to upload new art, plus I love the community. It's encouraging and motivating to get comments and critiques. Eventually it got to the point where I was more active updating my dA than my own website.


-What are your next projects then?
-I am the staff artist for an anime convention called Anime Conji, so I've been working on promotional artwork. On top of that, I participate in the artist alleys at these conventions. I also have a webcomic, but I don't plan on starting that for quite a while. As for graphic design, I design posters and concert program covers for my high school's instrumental music program, which is tons of fun. Right now everything is volunteer work, but I'm hoping to get an internship or a job soon!

-That's all we can wish for you! Last question Deanna, (I know, don't cry), why did you choose this story?
-I've had so many good times playing Guitar Hero with friends, and this story was hilarious to me. I'm really not surprised that someone injured themself playing it! He was probably playing "Through The Fire And Flames" by Dragonforce. When my friends played that on expert, the fire alarm came off. Speaking of fire alarms, the one in my building is currently going off. And it is 2AM. So I think I'm going to be evacuated now. Bye! RAS are knocking on the doors

-It's the PERFECT way to end this interview! Thank you Deanna for taking part.





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If you want to be the next published artist, send an email to alice [at] including a link to your website/blog/DA. But DON'T send your illustration right away! You need first to get in touch with me, and I'll tell you what you have to do! 

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