By John / Wednesday 10 July 2013 02:48 / United States
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  happylappy  |  21

What the heck is a winged rat?! I'm too scared of what I'll find if i google it.

  Serisent  |  26

There's a difference between hitting one animal and potentially hitting a flock of birds. One is not so dangerous, the other has the potential to be incredibly dangerous.

By  Beva_fml  |  15

Ever heard of the term "don't feed the animals"?

  theaaxis  |  27

This seems like an inadvertent episode of 'When Animals Attack"


Isn't that a rule at the zoo and large parks that contain something.. I don't know, dangerous? Like... Bears? Generally not something like a bird. But I don't think I'd feed a seagull. More like a duck or pidgeons.


Wtf? My comment got moderated bc Mu comment said, "And this is an FML for you, how? More like an FML for those who were involved in the accident YOU caused, OP."

Mod gods be trippen.

By  CVTTRVN  |  19

All this commotion due to a thrown french fry . You should be ashamed of yourself OP .

By  JokersHQ  |  21

Although quite hilarious and odd timing. It actually doesn't come down to your fault. Don't be so hard on yourself. No you shouldn't have thrown the fry out of a moving vehicle but then again the other driver shouldn't have veered so hard. Hitting the brakes would have worked just as well. (Where I live this sort of thing -animals popping in the road- is quite common so maybe I'm just applying logic from here but hey they don't call it an opinion for nothing)

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