By Anonymous - / Thursday 8 August 2013 11:10 / Latvia - Jelgava
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  Spider_Web  |  11

What is possibly worse than a bloody and gory vagina?!

By  1PersonIsMyWorld  |  22

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  JE553  |  9

Yeah, like trout, for example, and (s) he simply didn't have enough time to get the f**k out

  buddy51  |  23

Vulvovomitus; Pukedendum; chunkitoris, labia regorgeitus

All to the tune of:

What's that smell like fish, mama?
Food, if you really wants to know.
What's that smells like fish, baby?
Food, if you really wants to know.
Smell like sardines and it ain't in no can.
Same doggone thing you chucked at the other man.
What that smell like fish, mama?
Food, if you really wants to know, I mean,
Food, if you really want to know.

  iAlissa  |  34

I have 3 theories as to why this happened:

1.) Op's partyparts are in need of some serious TLC.
2.) Her gynecologist is in the wrong profession.
3.) The gynecologist was previously ill.

For OP's sake, I'm hoping it isn't the first theory.

  clemsi  |  20

93 I like the movement that is supporting the vagoo as the new term for a lady's genitalia...partyparts just seems to soft or maybe silly...meaning that when you hear it, it's not to be taken seriously

  RedFox29  |  10

oh I get it....

By  Ghalya_Dh  |  14

Well, that escalated quickly.


Why the hell would you be a gynecologist if you vomit when you smell fish?

By  QuietSunlight22  |  16

Oh my god. I would die. I'm terrified of people vomiting. But, I doubt it was anything to do with you. He/She probably just wasn't feeling well. So sorry you had to go through that! The moment after must have been awkward as heck.

  spazz666  |  18

Thank you for apparently being the first person on FML to realize that OP didn't specify whether the OBGYN was male or female. For all we know, the doctor was female and pregnant. Morning sickness, anyone?

  asherm  |  15

I was like that as a kid, afraid of vomit, but now being in health care I'm not afraid of it, but still grosses me the hell out. Definitely makes me feel queasy myself. Blood, no problem, vomit, eeww

  Koppol  |  15

Her pussy stank.

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