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Today, I went to the doctor's office, they did their regular check up, and found "odd red marks" on the inside of my thighs. They started to think it might be a skin disease, I had to explain to my mother and the doctor that it was a hickey from my boyfriend. FML

By hickhick - / Sunday 17 October 2010 04:37 / United States
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  natvv  |  0

If you're young enough to have your mum with you while you're at the doctor, you're too young to have your doctor examining down there at a regular checkup.

  Ashley121645  |  0

its mom not mum! i hate the word mum


#73, if the girl was sexually active, pretty sure her doctor can examine her "down there" given permission if there's something concerning going on. That and maybe she didn't need her mom to go with, could've just been for support.

By  Juneyah1017  |  9

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By  missflabooUS  |  0

sounds tastaaayy no

  missflabooUS  |  0

cuz he wants to embarass her and get a little bit of that pussy ew

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

She could be as old as 17 possibley. Whether or not her mom was in the room with her, the doctor would share concerns with the mom if there was something to worry about. But I think it is strange that the doctor wouldn't know what a hickey was, or why she didn't just ask "hey whats this on your leg?" Because, you know, there isn't a chance in hell we could actually know whats on our bodies

  DjeePee  |  24

The doctor would share personal private information that he isn't allowed to share with others without permission of the patient with OP's mom, becaaaauuuuse...? He can only share things like that if the patient (OP) gives permission, and because OP let her mother with her during the examination, she gave permission. I'm smart enough to keep my mom at home when I want the prescription of my pill, no way that I would be dumb enough to let her in and watching me half-naked, knowing I have hickeys in a place like that. If OP's 17, she's incredibly stupid for her age.

  chillpill  |  0

well I started being sexually active when I was 14 sooooo.....


I'm aware that people start having sex at a young age. But surely you'd realise that something like this might happen and either go by yourself or leave your mother in the waiting room.

By  mnemonicdaze  |  0

YDI for posting a fake FML. A hickey is a bruise caused by suction a person on their first day of med school would be able to tell the difference between a hickey bruise and a lesion let alone a NP. And unless you are under the age of puberty then your doctor or pediatrician will not disclose private information to your mother with out your approval. Unless you wouldn't admit to your doctor that it was a hickey and to scare you into telling he told you it was an infection. I dunno.

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