By katie876 - / Saturday 14 January 2012 13:34 / United States
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  girl112891  |  7

My boyfriend has concerts. I get bored too, but I'm there to wave and blow a kiss at him every time I catch his eye from the audience. Plus there's free food at the back ;)

  npnptracking  |  7


  beebananaz88  |  0

I usto Ride the Lightning but then I took an arrow to the knee.


C'mon 95: Out of all the memes you had to choose that One? You know what, after that, Nothing Else Matters. You haven't given me a Mercyful Fate at all. You certainly are My Friend Of Misery.

  jonriise18  |  3

I'm sure everyone will hate me for this but... Metallica sucks ass!!!

  Metal_Chick  |  15

131- That may be the new shit. But as a Metal head I have learned that many members of new bands are actually inspired by older bands; especially by Metallica who was one of the few bands who introduced Metal along with Slayer.

  teamsleep2212  |  0

What are u 12 years old?

By  dumboears  |  8

Maybe you should play better music.

By  jackrileymac  |  4

Band sucks. Haha I'd be bored too. No offense. We all have hobbies.

  chili10  |  18

Band is awesome. We used to play metallica, Aerosmith, and tons of other well known stuff. I hate when people say that band is full of nerds. It's full of talented people that have a passion for music.

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

I'm in orchestra, and was in band for two years. I really don't like band as much as orchestra. I think it's easier with only four different sounds, and not like twelve. But OP's mom should not have done that. My brother just started saxophone this year and his concerts at school are just a few notes and various squeaks. But you don't hear me yelling "Boring!!!" about it.

By  soccerdude79  |  0

It was probably as boring as tits!

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