By ari / Monday 19 March 2012 05:49 / United States
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  nublets  |  12

He was just trying to make the worlds first porn orchestra!

  zack11742  |  7

Doesn't matter had sex...with hand


Haha that is fuckin hilariouse

  DillonMidge03  |  3

What's hilarious is your grammar lmao

  capper44  |  18

Y to lock it, where are your manners to knock!! However i bet that OP kid didnt have nob with lock...

By  DaKillaMafia  |  2

All I have on my door is a US flag patch that the military uses.

  Tits_N_Turbos  |  20

There's a British Version of that, you know, the one your guys keep 'accidentally' shooting at.......

By  derpspot  |  2

Did he look in your eyes and finish like a boss?

  nynylynn  |  10

Win. :D

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

10- If I walked in on you "double clicking your mouse", would you look me dead in the eyes and finish like a boss?
No? Good, cause I usually don't get embarrassed by much and I'd stare right back. :p I'd also think you had some mental defect.
What I'm curious about is why you think they might. Reflecting much? ;P (Yes I'm teasing you somewhat, don't take it personal.). ;p

  derpspot  |  2

First off: just a joke and a referencing comment. Second, no where on here does it say OP was the mom could have been friend, girlfriend or guest. Also, embarrassment is for pussies ladies and gentlemen. (: same way everyone poops; everyone masterbates.

  TheEpicMilkMan  |  13

@111 you're more perverted than the 14 year olds going through puberty, and embarrassment is for pussies? just leave, this is fml the place full of embarrassments *facepalm*

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