By Anonymous - / Monday 14 February 2011 05:31 / United States
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By  dre_bro11  |  12

your bright

  Rafid  |  0

60 bright as in smart

  dre_bro11  |  12

sorry smart asses it should have been 'you're'. I'm sure you got what I meant ass holes.

  insanesna1l  |  0

that's what I was thinking! what could you have possibly done which requires a bandaid?? besides everyone knows it only works as a contraception if you put it on the girls belly button

  killaninjah  |  1

you my friend, are an idiot. Not only is he not the OP, so you can't "YDI" him, but you clearly don't understand sarcasm to any extent. AND in addition you said "...you got good grammar." So please work on that.

By  HamsteronA  |  0

Have a shower/bath. If you aren't some disgusting person who never washes, then you probably should've realised that plasters come off when immersed in water.

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