By soontobedivorced - / Sunday 19 April 2009 04:05 / United States
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  judomemo  |  0

I know right men making out is hot!!! only if the men are hot


This could've been avoided if you stayed in the damn kitchen and kept making sandwiches like you were born to do!!!

  kappaaa  |  12

#331 You effing serious?? This is an FML due to her being pregnant, and then finding out her husband is cheating on her with another man. Now her life is fucked! You IDIOT!

  XelaKJK  |  0

yuk gross gay...just nasty

By  esushi  |  0

#2--there is no reason to use hate words. If he was found with a black woman, would you call her the N word?

  LoveCali  |  0

WTF! I Hate People Who Say Nigga Is Bad,Like WTF.! Not Even Black People Take That Offensive;; They Call Eachother That.!.! I Call All My Friend Nigga,Nigg.,etc.

  julielee509  |  13

At #433 really? So they can't choose who they like they always have to choose the oppisite gender? Who they love isn't wrong, they just have a different choice than you.

By  neverland_fml  |  0

You poor, poor thing. If he has been hiding his attraction towards men, then it's time to let him go. If he wasn't honest about something so personal, what else has he lied about. Are you going to keep the baby? I don't think anyone with half a brain would look down on you for having an abortion because of this sudden development.

  herbasaur  |  0

I would it's wrong

  thegorgon5000  |  0

hahaha awesome

  KyRidHEART  |  0

You should never kill a baby, even if your raped. it wouldnt of been your fault but still dont kill the baby..

  rednick95  |  0

457 I disagree because all that rape baby is a constant reminder of what happened to you but I guess something like that you can only decide if it happens to you

By  turtlebots  |  0

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  MijnJaz  |  1

You really want to piss people off, don't you? This isn't school or something and you're not her teacher. Anyway, I really feel sorry for you. :(

  slh123  |  0

u tell em

  RebeccaP2010  |  0

I agree. This is a site for people to express how shitty their lives are, not for them to e schooled on their grammar. But for the record, or FYI... she did say it correctly. She stated, "I saw my husband making out with another man." maybe you need a little schooling. xD

  bobdaripper7  |  2

i love this dude

  onepluszero  |  0

love the corrections!!

  moss000100  |  0

You dont need to correct everything she says. Im sure she wont even care what you day so why even try. This wont make you look smart or mature so i suggest you stop. All youre doing is making yourself look horrible!

  moss000100  |  0

Also the making out part is all wrong you always saw "I saw him making out with another man" in this case she doesnt know the other man and only focused on her husband and not them together!

  linzeylou  |  0

really?? she got pregnant by her husband who was lying to her about his sexuality and you're concerned about the placement of periods and her word choice?? get a life loser.

  kellycole16  |  0

wow what a jerk ^

By  junjouromantica  |  0

#5, you're just stupid. #3 was obviously pointing out the f word you mentioned to horribly describe the the situation. Asshole. If you want me to be more specific, it was word. number. two. in. the. first. sentence. you. said. Clear enough for you?

  daniiica  |  0

can I hear a a-b-o-r-t-i-o-n? it's bad tho, don't do it! be a single mom!

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